Rob Slack is what some people would call a "Serial Entrepreneur"  He started his first business while in college and has started dozens of companies since then.  One thing he has always loved is fishing!  Problem he experienced since he started was reel damage from exposure to the elements.  he had bought and tried just about every reel saver on the market but they just didn't do the job right, so he started creating prototypes and 2 years later filed for the Patent for the REELdry REEL Rascal reel saver. 


Our Inventor Rob Slack



Tom lives on a lake, but really lives to fish!  OSHA expert by day, Trivia Master at night, You order, he yells at the mailroom guys... cause that's the way we roll...


He also has a night job as "Wink Dinkerson" Trivia Master.  Why?  Free FOOD... need I say more?



Kirk spends most of his time managing the Thoroughbred horses for our stable.  All 4 of us are partners in "Don't Tell My Wife Stables" (seriously... check out )  We actually have winners!!!


And sometimes we pack his truck with cases of Rascals and he's not allowed to come back until the truck is empty!

COL Craig Flowers (ret)



Colonel Flowers spends most of his time give motivational and Keynote speeches, but when he has some off time he's fishing! 

We figured, hey, he must know some important people, right?  Let's put him in charge of getting REEL Rascals in every sporting goods store in the US and Canada... with that store or companies logo on it!!


Kirk "Give him the whip"Godby
Tom "Wink" Smith