REEL Protection from Rain, Dust, Sap, Bugs...

Patented opened end bottom lets line moisture dissipate 

"I always have 6 to 8 fishing rods bouncing around in my boat all the time. Anybody who has fished with me knows what a beating they take. These rods sit in the boat all the time unprotected from the elements. Sun, rain snow. Reel Savers are the answer to protect my reels. And they' are easy on, easy off. Love em'"  Keith Sheerer

 As an avid angler, you know that your favorite REEL is the most important piece of equipment on your boat.  The last thing you want is to set the hook on a Lunker and have your REEL not respond properly and you lose the fish.


If you're like me you have several rods and reels at the ready whenever you head out.  It would be so nice to just snap your rod and reel into a standup holder on your boat and head to the car... but the problem is leaving the reel out in the outside elements can expose your reel to rust, dirt, bugs and all sorts of bad stuff that can interfere with your gears and spooling mechanisms.


You have had the chance to buy those cushy neoprene reel covers from the big retailers and on-line suppliers, but those covers require you taking the reel off the rod or at a minimum, cutting the line so everything fits when you close the flap.


Not anymore!  With the REEL Rascal Over the rod REEL Saver, you can position our patent pending nylon waterproof cover right over your rod handle and completely cover the reel.  


Simply pull the top draw string and lock it tight and you have protection for your reel so that the next time you head out, the reel will operate the same as it did last trip.


Nothing could be easier, nothing could save you more than our inexpensive protective REEL RASCAL covers.  Fill out the form today and place your order.  Due to high demand we are currently a few weeks behind in production, so we will notify you when your quantity is ready and you can check out with PayPal at that time!



Wrap That RASCAL and make a REEL difference in the way your equipment works! 

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